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District Wide KIDaccount Technology Platform for Improved Student Safety


The West Plains School District will soon implement a district-wide school safety system to manage security and dismissal safety for students, staff, and visitors. KIDaccount is a three-part system that will help streamline our dismissal process and visitors to the buildings, providing a safer environment for our students. On Monday, October 17, 2022, the visitor management system will be live in all of our buildings. Building-level communication will be sent when the parent pick-up system is active in each building. 

KIDaccount will establish a completely customizable solution featuring:

  • Parent Pick-Up: the dismissal release staff will run a streamlined carline which increases safety and reduces disruptions 

  • Bus Transportation: Bus staff will benefit from seamless communication of daily transportation changes, creating a safe and efficient environment.

  • Visitor Management: Visitor screening and student sign-in and out.

"KID Account will give us the accountability piece to know where every student has gone and who has picked them up. The system is easy for staff and parents. The safety factor provides peace of mind for parents, teachers, administrators, and students. We are excited to have this new system in place as an extra measure of student safety," says Mr. Matthew Orchard, Director of Human Resources and Student Services.