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Emergency Response Plan Multi-Agency Meeting


The West Plains School District recently hosted a multi-agency meeting as part of an ongoing process to update emergency response plans in the district. This ongoing effort reflects our unwavering commitment to providing the safest possible environment for our students and staff.

During this meeting, agencies came together to fine-tune roles and responsibilities, ensuring a seamless response to any emergency within our district. We extend our gratitude to the following entities for their dedication to the safety of our school community:

🔹 MSBA Center for Education Safety
🔹 West Plains Police Department
🔹 Howell County Sheriff's Department
🔹 West Plains Fire Department
🔹 Howell County 911
🔹 South Howell County Ambulance
🔹 Ozarks Healthcare
🔹 Howell County Emergency Management
🔹 City of West Plains Transportation Department
🔹 West Plains Civic Center

As we move forward, we anticipate the list of agencies to grow, reflecting a unified commitment to safeguarding our schools. Together, we are making significant strides towards a safer tomorrow.