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West Plains School District Special Education Department Excels in Review


The Missouri Department of Education (DESE) recently notified the West Plains School District special education department it has complied with all state and federal Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) regulations. The special education department scored 100% on the self-assessment and DESE desk review portion of the compliance monitoring cycle. The district special education department is made up of a team of process coordinators responsible for ensuring compliance using the Standards and Indicators Manual for Special Education as outlined by IDEA and MODESE.

“We are so excited to have received the notification from DESE. Our team of process coordinators and staff work hard each day,” said Dr. Amy Ross, director of special services. “We have amazing special education teachers and staff who put kids first and make sure we are in compliance with state and federal guidelines.”

Special education policies and procedures are assessed through a three-year compliance monitoring cycle.

  • The first year of the cycle includes an agency self-assessment and a desk review of all documents by the DESE Office of Special Education.
  • The second year of the cycle includes corrective action plans on any areas found to be out of compliance.
  • The third year of the cycle ensures corrective actions are implemented and maintained.

Since the Missouri Department of Education found the West Plains School District in compliance with zero corrective actions required during the first year of the cycle, the district is not required to participate in year two or three of the cycle.