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The Real Impact of Lottery Proceeds on Missouri Schools

Last week a news article was published highlighting Missouri Lottery proceeds being distributed to Howell County schools; 1.3 million specifically to the West Plains School District. The article was factual; however, the overall message is misleading. Due to the multiple questions and comments received within the past week, the district would like to provide some additional information on the topic.

While it is true that Missouri Lottery proceeds support Missouri schools, the money is designated to fulfill the state’s funding promises to schools and is not an additional source of funding. According to Senate Bill 287, which provides details of the state funding method, if Missouri received no revenue from the gaming industry, the state would be obligated to fund the same amount of money to school districts through other sources.  

Unfortunately, large, unexpected sums of money rarely exist for schools. In the meantime, West Plains School District will continue to monitor the current budget and operate as fiscally responsible as possible. 

Dr. Luke Boyer
Assistant Superintendent 
West Plains School District