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5th Grade 'I CAN'T' Funeral

i cant

On the second day of school, the West Plains Middle School 5th grade students gathered to remember and honor someone present in each of their lives - 'I can’t.' The students reflected on all things they believe they ‘can’t' do and then made lists. The students put the “I can’t’s” to rest by shredding them during a make-shift funeral service.

The students remembered “I can’t’s” life by the reading of an eulogy. “I can’t” is survived by his siblings; ‘I Will,’ ‘Not Yet,’ ‘I Can’ and ‘I am Going To Do It Right Away.’ This school year the words of ‘I Can,’ ‘I Will,’ ‘Not Yet’ and ‘I am Going To Do It Right Away’ will become more familiar with the students than the word ‘I CAN’T.’ The students will work to believe in the power of “yet” and are excited to believe, persevere, and learn about new, motivating ways to try new things.