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South Fork Elementary Celebrates New FEMA Shelter


The South Fork Elementary School celebrated the new FEMA shelter with a ribbon cutting hosted by the West Plains Chamber of Commerce.  The district is very proud of the new addition at our South Fork Campus. Thank you to everyone involved!!

The shelter includes two new classrooms and restrooms for the preschool and kindergarten classes. The building will also act as a safe room for students, faculty, and the community when serious weather approaches. A grant provided by FEMA covered about half of the structure costs with the remaining from district reserves.

Principal Dr. Seth Huddleston says, “I am very excited about this new facility and what it is already doing for our kids. The new addition not only improves the educational setting at South Fork Elementary but may also save students’ lives. A lot of people have been a part of this project and I am proud to see it come to life. ”

“We are excited to wrap up such an important structure for our children. South Fork Elementary has not had such a room or safe place since its inception in the early 1960’s. This would not have been possible without a vision for the future for our kids from our school board. We are very fortunate to have received this grant. The district is extremely grateful for the wonderful support of our patrons and additionally, thankful for the FEMA grant funding to help make this project possible,” said Dr. Lori Wilson, Superintendent of Schools.