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Missouri Releases Statewide Assessment Results


The Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) announced statewide results for both the Missouri Assessment Program (MAP) and district Annual Performance Reports (APR) for the 2017-18 school year. More than 413,000 third- through eighth-grade students and an additional 175,000 high school students participated in the state’s testing program, leading to more than 1.05 million total assessments being administered to Missouri public and charter school students.

Due to changes in learning standards, completely new assessments in English language arts and math were administered in 2017-18; therefore, it is important to note that the 2017-18 results are not comparable with results from previous tests in those subjects. More than 2,500 Missouri teachers and other stakeholders crafted the Missouri Learning Standards that were adopted in spring 2016. The new standards were developed with a goal of setting higher expectations for students, which was reflected in a more challenging, teacher-developed set of state assessments.

A field test was given during the 2017-18 school year for science, so schools did not receive official MAP scores, nor was science reflected in calculations for the 2017-18 APR scores. New science assessments will be administered during the 2018-19 school year.

More than 97 percent of Missouri districts and charter schools scored at least 70 percent of the possible points on their APR with the West Plains School District scoring 97.2 percent, or 116.6 of the 120 available APR points. For public school districts, this places them in the fully accredited range, while charter schools do not receive an accreditation classification under current guidelines.

The district received 100% of points for attendance, graduation rate, Advanced Placement Exams, College and Career Readiness Exams, mathematics, and social studies. For the 2019 calculation, there was a 2.7-point dip in elementary language arts, while grades seven, eight, and High School English remained strong above state average. The district also lost 0.3 points in the English Language Arts and Mathematics subgroup categories. It is important to note that only schools large enough to count 30 or more students in a subgroup (i.e., SPED, Free and Reduced Priced Meals, etc.) are given a subgroup calculation toward their APR proficiency.

Dr. Julie Williams, Assistant Superintendent, noted, “We must remember teachers and students in the state of Missouri have experienced a myriad of different standards and assessments during the last five years. We cannot compare test results from non-like parameters for school years 2015 through 2018, as our teachers and students were aiming for changing targets. There were errors in the calculation process in 2017 which required exclusion of the Algebra I and English II assessment results. Then, in 2018, an entirely new set of assessments were administered rendering direct comparison of proficiency rates across years inadvisable as you truthfully cannot compare apples to oranges. What is most important is for students to experience a well-rounded, standards aligned, rigorous education which includes opportunities for growth and success. We are so proud to continue to perform well above state average and to provide top-notch college, military, work force, and career readiness.  Standardized tests are only one metric of student progress, and credit should be given to parents, teachers, administrators, students, and community stakeholders for contributing to the overall success of our district.”

All public-school district and charter school MAP and APR data can be found by accessing DESE’s comprehensive data system portal here. First-time users are encouraged to watch a brief tutorial to assist with recent updates to the portal design.