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Choir District Solo & Ensemble Festival Results


Congratulations to the West Plains High School choir students who participated in the MSHSAA District Solo & Ensemble Festival on Thursday and Friday. The WPHS Concert Choir & Chamber Choir both received an exemplary rating. The varsity choir received an Outstanding Rating.  Congratulations to the 23 solos and ensembles on earning an Exemplary Rating and advancing to the MSHSAA State Solo & Ensemble Festival in April!


Exemplary ratings 🏆

Vocal Solos:

Dagan Joiner

Jack Rutledge

Miles Mcwilliams

Morgan Brill

Ethan Goolsby

Isaac Kammerer

Anna Ingalls

Lucy Hershenson

Mandy Roberts

Hattie Patillo

Addison Rogers

Ruby Hinds

Shaley Francis

Colton Russel


Vocal Ensembles:

Pieces of Eight

Crow's Nest Chorale

Shiver Me Timbers


Sirens of the Caribbean

Poop Deck


Southern Suffragettes of the Seven Seas

Bilge Rats