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2022 Faculty & Staff District Award Recipients

Top 6

2022 Top 6 Educators of the Year

West Plains High School Educator of the Year, Mrs. Kelly Dame.
West Plains Middle School Educator of the Year, Sylvia Hershenson.
West Plains Elementary Educator of the Year, Mrs. Angela Phipps.
Zizzer Pride Academy Educator of the Year, Mrs. Tori Healy.
South Fork Elementary Educator of the Year, Mrs. Ronna Dalton.
South Central Career Center Educator of the Year, Mrs. Misty Hathcock.

Each of the building educators of the year will be formally recognized at the district awards night on May 3, 2022, and a district-level Educator of the Year will be chosen from this wonderful group.


Volunteer of the Year - Alison Jones

The West Plains School District is proud to announce Alison Jones as the 2022 Volunteer of the Year.
Alison has had three children who were part of the West Plains High School choir program. She has volunteered for the choir program for 11 years. Alison has done everything from filing piles of music to repairing uniforms. She is a fabulous cook and has prepared food for the Madrigal Dinners, Just Desserts, and fed festival judges. She is always ready to chaperone a trip and has prop and t-shirt-making skills that are gold medal-worthy. We quote Mrs. Dame here “Alison is my right arm.”

laurie shrable

Make A Difference Award Winner - Laurie Shrable

The Make a Difference Award recognizes a member of the West Plains School District educational community for their efforts in supporting the diverse needs of students academically, socially, and emotionally in a variety of learning settings. The award recognizes those who help to support an atmosphere of continuous learning and growth for all students and provides excellence in support of meeting the diverse needs of all students.

This year, the district would like to recognize Laurie Shrable as our district Make a Difference award recipient.  Laurie has been a key player in the West Plains Elementary building in implementing the new SST program, this program identifies students that are At Risk.  The Student Study Team(SST) is made up of parents, teachers, counselors, and administrators and works together to identify areas of concern and sets goals for student improvement. The Student Study Team tracks growth with data and meets throughout the year to continue providing support for student growth.  We have had much success with this program due to Mrs. Shrable's diligence and leadership.


Support Staff of the Year - Rob Riechers 

The West Plains School District is proud to announce Rob Riechers as the Support Staff of the Year.  Rob has worked in the district technology department for ? years.  Rob Riechers is referred to as "Super Rob" in the West Plains Middle School building, because no matter the tech issue, Rob is always there and fixes the problems quickly and happily. He always has a great attitude and is willing to help with any situation with a smile.


Korrie Vance

New Professional of the Year - Korrie Vance

The West Plains School District is proud to announce the 2022 New Professional of the Year, Korrie Vance.  Mrs. Vance is a middle school teacher in her 3rd year.  The new professional of the year must be three years or newer in the district. 

Korrie goes above and beyond in her classroom. She is creative, thoughtful, and compassionate. She is passionate about her trade and this is clearly evident in how she communicates about writing, how she inspires students to love writing, and how she provides engaging and exciting activities to draw students into her lessons. She has also been an advocate for getting patrons involved in the middle school. She serves on many critical teams for the middle school building's success. – Donnie Miller, West Plains Middle School Principal