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Sabrina Parrish & Janet Cancino Recipients of Rural Schools Collaborative Grants in Place Fellows


Across the country, eight teachers are recognized for their innovative work in rural schools. The Rural Schools Collaborative recently announced West Plains Elementary co-teachers Sabrina Parrish and Janet Cancino, have been named 2019-2020 Grants in Place Fellows on their project: W.O.W.-- Westward Expansion Overwhelms Wildlife Habitats.

Parrish and Cancino will work with their  students on place-based, action research projects. Each Fellow receives a $2,000 grant to support the place-based project, a professional development presentation, and an honorarium. Parrish and Cancino will take their class to the Wonders of Wildlife, where students will be exposed to a variety of animals whose habitats were affected by Westward Expansion. After the trip, students will research an animal of their choosing and make a diorama for their animal's habitat to present their information to their classmates and then display their project in the elementary lobby.