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Middle School Bands Sweep High Scores at Festival


The middle school bands, including South Fork, received a "1" rating trophy, the highest score, at the Zizzer Music Festival over the weekend! Six small ensemble events received "2" ratings and 23 events received "1" ratings. Way to go! #ZizzerProud
6th graders:
● 1 rating
○ Cara Vargas, clarinet solo
○ Rebecca Rousseau, clarinet solo
○ Olivia Odom-Smith, alto saxophone solo
○ Jovie James, flute solo
○ Tolliver Stine, bass clarinet solo
○ Micah Kellogg, alto saxophone solo
○ Skylar Stacel, alto saxophone solo
○ Tristan Allen, trumpet solo
○ Levi Baker, trumpet solo
○ Cooper Porter, trombone solo
○ Jensyn Peeler, tuba solo
○ Abigail Mongillo, snare drum solo
○ Asa McFarland, snare drum solo
○ Olivia Kerley, snare drum solo
● 2 rating
○ Katie Pruett, clarinet solo
7th graders
● 1 rating
○ Travis Mahurin, trumpet solo
○ Hannah Wheeler/Remali De Los Santos/Adrian Chowning, flute trio
○ Aurora Lemasters, trombone solo
○ Hannah Wheeler, flute solo
● 2 ratings
○ Aryam Gerezgehir/Faith Goure/Bailey Moody, mixed clarinet trio
○ Aurora Lemasters/Patty Crider/Alexis Kenyon (8th), trombone trio
○ Kaiden Brown, trumpet solo
○ Pantera Broyles/Isaac Brucker/Alora Lovan/Kiley McDaniel/Dylin Mardis, percussion ensemble
8th graders:
● 1 ratings
○ Myah Hibler, tuba solo
○ Abigail Fraley, flute solo
○ Jayden Mulford, alto sax solo
○ Josalynn Moss, clarinet solo
○ Parker Crossley/Parker Girdley/Daigeen Parrish/Brooklyn Webers, percussion ensemble
● 2 ratings
○ Vanessa Cates/Autumn Brown/Josalynn Moss, clarinet trio
○ Alexis Kenyon/Aurora Lemasters (7th)/Patty Crider (7th), trombone trio