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Stop the Prop


School districts around the region and the country are implementing Stop the Prop, a campaign to keep buildings secure and students safe. The Stop the Prop campaign encourages students and staff to ensure doors are shut and secure at all times. The West Plains School is proud to launch the safety initiative in our district. 

Stop the Prop stickers are being placed on all exterior doors throughout the district buildings, reminding students and staff of the importance of keeping all exterior doors closed and locked at all times. All guests must only enter campuses through the front entrance and follow all school sign-in procedures. Working together to Stop the Prop can help keep our #ZizzersSafe.

Special thanks to our School Resources Officers (SRO) for kicking off this campaign and for all the work they do every day to protect our students.

Officer Trent Kinder - WPE SRO

Officer Jonathan Stander - WPMS SRO

Officer Whitley Clark - SCCC SRO

Officer Conner Burners - High School SRO

Deputy Shannon Sisney - South Fork SRO