• My name is Ms. Amanda Williams and I graduated from the University of North Dakota with a Bachelors Degree in Early Childhood Education. I am starting my second year of teaching at West Plains Elementary. I am excited to be working with you and your child throughout the year.

    If you have any questions or concerns please email at amanda.williams@zizzers.org or call the office at 417-256-6158.

    Little ZIzzers Preschool Information

    Preschool students attend school from 7:15 to 3:00, Monday through Friday. Parent/Guardian drop off is from 7:15 to 7:45am and pick up is from 2:40 to 3:00pm. Parent/Guardian or an adult, 18 years or older, must accompany student during drop off and pick up. 

    We understand that there many be instances when your child might arrive late or need picked up early. If your child arrives after 7:45 you will need to check in at the front office. Follow the same steps when you are picking up your child after 3:00pm. If possible, please inform your child’s teacher or the front office if you will be picking up your child early or late.

     Class Management

    We will be utilizing class meetings to introduce the green and red choice board, practice or act out making green choices, talk/reflect about green and red choices more in detail, and celebrate student’s success!  

    If there is a reoccurring problem in the classroom we will have a class meeting to talk about the red choices students are making and what green choices they could make instead. Individual students will be talked to separately and no one will be pointed out or embarrassed.  

    Example of a class meeting: 

    What happens when they or their friends are not making a green choice? We will talk about what they can do when their friend isn’t making a green choice. For example, what if their friend is using mean words to another friend. Should they say something to them, should they get a teacher, or should they ignore them? We will practice, model and give verbal praise to students as we learn about our classroom behavior expectations.  

    Many of you might want to know how we reward students who make green choices. We will mostly use positive verbal praise, but also use stickers and our Zizzer Tickets. How will the teachers communicate with parents about their child’s behavior at school?  We will talk with parents at pick up, if we had any major issues during the day.  We understand that preschool students will have listening issues and they will be addressed with parents, if the issue becomes a major problem. If needed, we will do a weekly behavior chart that marks the student’s morning and afternoon behavior.

    If you have any questions or concerns feel free to email, call or talk with us. For a successful school year, we need your support and look forward to a great year!

  •  Ms. Williams' Class Daily Schedule

    7:15 – 7:45            Arrival and Morning Routine

    7:30 – 7:45           Open Circle – Ms. Vance

    7:45 – 7:55           Handwashing

    7:55 – 8:15            Breakfast

    8:15 – 8:25            Restrooms

    8:25 – 8:55           Recess # 1

    8:55 – 9:05           Restrooms  

    9:05 – 9:25           Shared Reading #1

    9:25 – 10:25          Learning Centers (LC and PA)

    10:30 – 10:40         Handwashing

    10:40 – 11:05         Lunch

    11:05 – 11:15          Restrooms

    11:15 – 11:55          Rest Time/ Teacher planning/ Para’s break

    12:00 – 1:00           Learning Centers (LC and PA)

    1:00 – 1:30             Recess #2 /Teacher Planning Time

    1:30– 1:40              Restrooms

    1:40 – 2:00            Shared Reading #2

    2:00 – 2:15            Snack

    2:15 -2:30             Circle Time

    2:30-2:40             Pack

    2:40 – 3:00           Departure/Story Time/Rhyming Time

     * This schedule is flexible and can change. 

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