Student Exit Process


    We are very excited about your upcoming completion of your program.  To help us improve how we do things and to ensure you have a smooth transition, we have created this page to help guide you through the process of exiting.  

    NOTE:  It is recommended that you use the Google Chrome browser to complete the following surveys. Internet Explorer does not support the following applications.

    1.  Complete the exit survey.

    2.  Review the operational and safety plans for SoMoTech and provide any input to  

    3.  Visit our placement page if you are wanting information on continuing education or job opportunities. 

    4.  Meet with the Financial Aid Office to ensure you have satisfied all requirements.

    5.  Ensure your academic and attendance information meets your program requirements.

    6.  Keep in mind that your student Gmail account will only be valid for one year after the end of the program.  

    7.  Visit with your instructor about any program-specific requirements.