Excellence in Education, Service, Life.

    The West Plains School District Board of Education is committed to ensuring that the West Plains School system considers the best interest of our students as the guiding principle in the decision-making process for the Board of Education and all administrators, faculty, and staff.  Our district will exhibit superior performance in all facets of educational programming, including faculty development, student achievement, and community participation, when compared to state and national benchmarks.  We will employ both world-class strategies and local values to provide a safe, enriching environment for faculty, staff, and students of all ages.  We will provide students with opportunities for a variety of experiences that will assist them in the discovery and development of their strengths for a lifetime of success and service to the community.

    1. Improve academic achievement in at least one core area for each student annually.
    2.  Provide opportunities and incentives for each student to participate in community service.
    3.  Ensure a safe environment that promotes excellence for students, faculty, and staff.
    4.  Communicate effectively at all levels.
    5.  Attract, retain and continually develop a highly qualified and professional administration, faculty, and staff.
    6.  Operate in a fiscally responsible manner by being good stewards of patron resources.