• Spring has sprung...we hope...

    Posted by Josh Cotter on 4/4/2014
    Things are looking very good with our renovation!
     Commons 4-4
    The staircase was finished out over the last several weeks, but today the handrail was completed up the staircase and around the top floor looking out over the commons.
     Practical Nursing Classroom 4-4
    The Practical Nursing Classroom will be a wonderful addition to our new facility.  This will allow us to consolidate two rooms (a computer lab and classroom) into one fully-functional and technology-integrated room.  Students will now have full access while in one location.  Here they are beginning to put the insulation in before sheetrocking. 
    Health Science Lab 4-4  
    This space will be wonderful!  This is the new Health Sciences Skills Lab.  This room will have six (new) hospital beds and be set up as a complete hospital suite.  Our goal with every room in this facility is to reproduce the environment of industry.  If our students are prepared for the setting, it makes them much more likely to succeed! Also, we are so excited to have multi-level learning spaces.  The practical nursing program and high school health science (CNA) program will share this lab.  It will allow us to demonstrate truly simulated real-world learning.  
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  • The frame of a second floor...

    Posted by Josh Cotter on 3/17/2014
    We had a walk through with our architect and general contractor today.  The building is really beginning to take shape.  
    Here is the commons area with the coat of primer. Other than the finishes, this room is almost completed!
    Commons 3-17
    The second floor is completely framed out now!  This is the Practical Nursing offices with the classroom behind them and the lab in the far back.  The sheet rock should begin going up this week!
     Second Floor 3-17
    The welding shop is also getting wrapped up.  The concrete walls between stalls are being finished with the plumbing and HVAC due to be the last non-finish items.   
     Welding 3-17
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  • Building walls...

    Posted by Josh Cotter on 3/5/2014
    Sometimes building walls can be a good thing!
    The studs are going up on the new second floor.
     Second Floor 3-5
    The walls for the welding booths are getting rounded out too! 
    Welding Shop 3-5  
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  • The true second floor...

    Posted by Josh Cotter on 2/21/2014
    It started at 3:00 AM on February 19th...the second floor pour!  They worked on it until midnight that night.  It was very cool to see.  This was the first half.
    2-19 Second Floor  
    They took a day to recover and then did the same thing over again on February 21st!  This is the second half.
    2-21 Second Floor  
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  • It's kind of like a puzzle...

    Posted by Josh Cotter on 2/11/2014
    Over the past month, the focus has been on getting the decking down on the second floor and doing tons of HVAC and electrical work in all areas of the building.  One of the hold ups has been getting the staircase in that will take us up to the second floor.  This will allow the floor to be poured and really represents one of the final major structural pieces of the project.  Once the poor is completed, most of the work becomes drywall and finishing.  
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  • Going up...

    Posted by Josh Cotter on 1/8/2014
    Today, we had a meeting with our architect, general contractors, and subcontractors to talk about the progress of the project.  You be the judge!  It's looking very good to us!
    First Floor 1-8  
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  • Our Christmas Present!

    Posted by Josh Cotter on 12/24/2013
    We got a wonderful Christmas surprise today!  The steel arrived and the contractors began setting the beams for the second floor structure!
    Steel Delivery  
    First Floor 12-24  
    Over the past several weeks, the changes have been significant, but not noticeable in the pictures.  The painters, electricians, and plumbers have been working diligently on the commons area and welding shop.   
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  • Brrrrrr....

    Posted by Josh Cotter on 11/13/2013
    It may be cold outside, but these guys are rocking it inside!
     First Floor 11-13
    Over the last two weeks, the footers and bolts are completely done to begin the structure on the second floor.  Yesterday and today they are working on plumbing. 
     Commons 11-13
    All the steel in this picture shows the walls that will separate the welding shop from the commons.  At the top of the wall will be on the welding shop side.  The guys working on the left side are building out to the commons side.  
    East Bay 11-13  
    The framing is almost completed in the east bay.  This area will be divided into the welding classroom, plasma cutter room, and carpentry shop.  
    Main Bay 11-13  
    The front of the building will look much different that the large roll-up bay door that was here before.  This will become the "store front" of the building and will serve as the main entrance.
    ** The street is curbed and guttered!  We expect that the overlay of asphalt will start next week.  
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  • Common Ground

    Posted by Josh Cotter on 10/28/2013
    Commons 10-28
    The area that was divided between warehouses has been opened up!  This will serve as the commons area.  The large bay door will be replaced with storefront type windows and will serve as the new main entrance for the building.
    First Floor 10-28
    The rebar is in place and the bolt patterns have been laid out for the second floor structure.  We should see some major changes over the next two weeks in this area!
    Road Construction 10-28
    The bridge is complete! Major work has begun on placing the culverts for the curb and guttering.  Looking good!
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  • Wagons East!

    Posted by Josh Cotter on 10/21/2013
    East Bay 10-21
    The emphasis this week has shifted to the east bay.  Once renovations are complete, this area will house the welding classroom, plasma cutter room, and carpentry lab.  But first, we get to see a little more demolition!  This area had a drop ceiling in the front half and a 14' garage door where the block is. 
    Welding 10-21
    The block work in the welding shop is basically completed.  The door on the left will lead into the carpentry lab and the door on the right will lead into the plasma cutter room.  The next step in this room should be HVAC and plumbing.
    Road Construction 10-21
    The actual bridge is completed!  Today, they were pouring the concrete on the west land side.  They also started working on the drainage system as part of the new curb/guttering. 
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