• It all starts today...

    Posted by Josh Cotter on 3/6/2019

    The lumber was delivered and the construction is underway!  The space being renovated is the first floor of our main Thornburgh building.  The first sub-phase is for the Information Technology program that will start in August 2019.  Students from the Carpentry program are completing this sub-phase.  As they make progress, we will update this page!




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  • Background

    Posted by Josh Cotter on 3/6/2019
    In 2010, West Plains Schools purchased the property at 407 West Thornburgh Street to consolidate the four campuses of South Central Career Center.  Renovations were divided into three phases: the first phase included administrative and student services offices and a training classroom.  It also saw the addition of 403 Thornburgh Street as the Automotive Campus.  Those renovations were completed in the fall of 2012.  The phase two renovation established a student commons area and brought several programs to the campus (Practical Nursing, Surgical Technologist, Welding, and Health Sciences).  Phase two was completed in summer 2014.
    Phase 3 began in March 2019.  It will be in multiple sub-phases with the first of those being the Information Technology space.  The remaining sub-phases will include relocation of Commercial & Advertising Art and Culinary Arts from the Olden Street campus.
    The adjacent properties at 403/407 Thornburgh Street are approximately six acres at the industrial hub of West Plains, Missouri.  Following all renovations, South Central Career Center will have over 40,000 square feet of space to carry out our mission to develop a high-quality workforce. 
    Front 10-30-12
    Front of the building on October 30, 2012 when the administrative offices relocated following the first phase renovations.
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