• West Plains Middle School Volleyball

    Program Expectations




    To be eligible you must meet all eligibility requirements as established by MSHSAA (Missouri State High School Activities Association) and R-VII policies.

    1. Passed a physical and given the form to your Coach or Middle School Office.

    2.  Have a health insurance policy- either through the school or through your parents. (Show proof on physical form.)  (Parental permission also on your physical form.)

    3.  Participated in 14 days of practice before the first competition.

    4. By signing the student handbook receipt page the student/athlete consents to the drug test procedures as outlined in the student/agenda/handbook.

    5. Signed and returned the R V-II volleyball program player's contract.



    A.   Must comply with all good citizenship requirements established by MSHAA and the West Plains School District.

    IN GENERAL: The following are immediate suspension from the team.

    1.      NO USE OF ALCOHOL

    2.      NO USE OF TOBACCO (Dip, Chew, Smoke).


    4.      NO STEALING

    5.      NO FELONIES

    6.      NO HAZING

    7.      If suspended from school the student/athlete may be dismissed from the team.         

    Suspension from school will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

    8.      Use of cell phones during practice or on buses are not allowed except for emergency.  Ride arrangements must be made ahead of time. Please be on time when picking up the athlete.

    9.      To be a team we have to act and play as a team.  Be respectful to each other and opposing teams.  Do not exclude anyone.  This means on and off the court.  Our goal is to become a team that our school can take pride in.  Most of all do not put any of your teammates or others down. Tearing someone else down is always easy to do and divides the team. Fix your faults first.

    B.   While participating in extracurricular activities, you are expected to set an example to those around you, that is above average in appearance and good citizenship.  Extra curricular activities are privileges for students and parents/spectators.  Privileges to participate in extra curricular activities may be removed for inappropriate behavior. Therefore you are expected to follow these guidelines.

    1.   Student/Athletes will comply with school rules concerning dress, attendance and behavior.  Failure to obey any of the above will lead to disciplinary action by the coach and could lead to dismissal from the team by the coach.  Disciplinary action by the school will result in disciplinary action by the coach.

    2.    Student/Athletes will maintain a C- (70%) grade point average throughout the season. Grades are of course important.  If you are failing a class or just doing poorly ask for help.The teachers have been informed who the players are and will keep the coaches informed on a weekly basis if a volleyball player falls below a C- average. Not maintaining a C- average will result in the loss of playing time, until the grade is brought up.




    1.   You are expected to be at all practices.  Failure to attend without notifying the coaches will result in disciplinary action and   could lead to dismissal from the team.  It is the student/athletes responsibility to let the coaches know if you will not be able to attend practice or games.

    2.   You are to report to practice, in the FEMA gym on all school days immediately after school.  Practice will end at 5:15 daily.

    3.      Players need to be on the court and ready to practice at 3:45. That means get a drink, go to the restroom prior to stepping on the court.  Make sure that you remove all jewelry prior to walking on the gym floor.  Every practice you miss means that someone could have an advantage over you.  The result of this is someone else could start in your place.

    4.      Missing practice will result in you not starting or playing in the game as much as you would have, had you been at practice. Attendance will be taken each day of practice and games. (Rules from player's contract apply.)

    4.   GAMES

    1.     Players that are absent from school the day of a game will not be eligible to play that night.

    2.   Players are expected to be at the games by the designated time. (Games will start at    5:30). Players will need to be dressed out by 5:00. (Home games only).

    3.      Players will remain in the gym during games unless given permission by the coach.

                       4.      7TH grade should stay for all 8TH grade games.  Be a supporter!

    5.    8TH grade should be at all 7TH grade games, by game time.  Remember, at away games you could possibly be the only team/fan support.

    6.   Players represent the school/community so they will act responsibly at all times and obey the rules and guidelines set the WPMS handbook.

    7.     Dress appropriately on game days. Remember you represent your school and athletic team.

    8.  Players will not be allowed to roam the halls after 5:00 p.m. On nights we have home games the girls will need to bring money for their dinner.  Meals vary from pizza to subway sandwiches which we will order ahead of time. Students may bring their own dinner if they wish. No sodas or energy drinks.  Bottles of water, juices, Gatorades and milk are suggested drinks with meals. Volleyball girls will eat in Coach Hutchinson’s room and work on homework if needed. On most away games the girls will need money to eat after the game.

                   9.  No hazing or bullying will be allowed at anytime.

    6.    TRAVEL  

    1.   Players will remain quiet on the bus and follow all bus rules.  No paper or trash will be left on the bus.  This will be the responsibility of the players to be sure the bus is clean, before leaving the bus, after the game.

    2.  Players will be allowed to ride home only with their parents on away games.  A parent must sign their child out with one of the coaches.  If your child needs to ride home with another parent after we return to school, please send a  written note with your child.  Dr. Davis, Mrs. Walker or other authorized office staff must approve and sign that note.  Please make arrangements ahead of time for the transportation of your child.  If we are late, we will make a parent, janitor or principal aware of our estimated time back to school.  It is the responsibility of the volleyball player to keep their parents informed of arrival times. Please be prompt in picking up your child from games.

      7.   ATTITUDE        

    Attitude is everything. It is not the blows that hit you in life that counts, it is how you react to those blows that determines if you will be at the top, middle or bottom.  Volleyball is the same way.  You can either react in a positive manner or pick yourself up and decide that next time, you will NOT suffer defeat or you can let the balls hit all around you and say, “Only the ones that are coming right at me will I attempt for.”  Giving 100% daily, a positive attitude, and listening at all times will earn you the spot to play, all others will give 100% of their support on the sidelines.  Tell yourself I CAN DO IT and give your best every day.  Never say I CAN’T, but I will try to the best of my ability. Success is measured by the effort you put into the game.  A winning moment last for a short time but achieving success will last you for a lifetime.

    Head Coach: Bailey Hutchinson

    Assistant Coach: Lacey Garnette