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    What's a Zizzer?
    ZIZZER (ZIZ'ZER) n. 1. an expert in any activity - adj. (colloq) FIRST RATE; 2. a person of the highest caliber, ability or reputation. 3. one who is victorious; (syn) A WINNER! Because to be a ZIZZER means to be the BEST at WHATEVER you do!
    Name: Mary Beth Palmer
    Title: West Plains Elementary Kindergarten Teacher
    Phone: (417) 256-6158
    Best Time to Reach Me: Any time via email.  
    August 11th- Open House 5:00-6:30
    August 18th- 1st Day of School 
     Class Schedule
    7:45-8:00-Morning Work
    8:00-8:30- Reader's Workshop
    8:30-9:15-Journey's Reading
    11:25-11:45-Lunch Recess
    12:00-12:30-Rest Time
    1:20-Clean Up 
    1:25-2:20 Encore Classes


    Born: West Plains, MO
    Undergraduate Study: Elementary Education
    Year(s) @ West Plains Public Schools:5
    Welcome to West Plains Elementary Kindergarten!!!! This is my 2nd year teaching at the elementary school and I am so excited!!!!
    I  have 2 wonderful boys; Cordale and Jeremiah! My husband, Matt, is a professional rodeo announcer and we have been together for 10 years.
    I live in Koshkonong with my great little family and we own rodeo cattle which is a great and fun experience!
    I am currently working on my Master's in Counseling, but I LOVE my job in the classroom so I am staying there.
     Favorite Quotes
    Why fit in when you were born to stand out.-Dr. Seuss
     Success is not an accident
    A day of teaching is not just a day of work; it's a day of making a difference.
    All children are gifted: They just open their presents at different times.