• 8th Grade Communication Arts

    Course Syllabus

    Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body.”

    -        Sir Richard Steele

    Instructor information:

    ·        Mrs. Courtney Hughes, Room 202

    ·        Planning period: Daily from 8:10-9:00

    ·        Phone: (417) 256-6150

    ·        Email: chughes@zizzers.org

    ·        Classroom website: www.zizzers.org/hughes

    Course focus:

    ·        Exploring the various genres of literature

    ·        Reading and responding to literature

    ·        Using various strategies to aid reading

    ·        Development of vocabulary

    ·        Developing teamwork and peer collaboration skills

    Expectations: Each student is expected to give his/her best work on every assignment. He/she is also expected to follow the classroom rules.


    Student Requirements: Responsibility, a positive attitude, good manners, and dedication.


    Class rules:

    1. Be Trustworthy
    2. Be Hard-working
    3. Do What’s Right
    4. Be Well-mannered

    Benefits of Good Behavior: A positive learning environment for both the students and instructor. In addition, rewards can be earned on an individual and class basis.


     Discipline plan:

    1. Verbal warning by teacher.
    2. Progress report sent to parent for signature OR phone call to parent.
    3. Referral to office for lunch detention or PIC.


    Materials needed daily:

    ·        Notebook paper (wide or college-ruled)

    ·        Three-ring binder (can be shared for other courses)

    ·        Sharpened pencils

    ·        Checking pen (any color)

    ·        Student agenda

    ·        Library/silent reading book


    Homework policy:

    Missing assignments will be treated in the manner below.  Each quarter the student will be able to start over at step one. 

    1st Missing Assignment:  Note in agenda that must be signed by a parent. The assignment may be turned in the following day for no less than ½ credit.

    2nd Missing Assignment:  Phone Call and Lunch Detention. This is the last time the student may turn in the assignment for ½ credit.

    3rd Missing Assignment:  PIC Referral—Student will keep the zero.  In PIC, student will be working on the assignment(s) they are missing that day in class…not making up the zero.

    4th Missing Assignment:  Same as 3rd

    5th Missing Assignment and Beyond:  Administration Discretion