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    Mrs.Barbara Rutledge
    West Plains Elementary
    Instructor, 2nd Grade
     Phone: (417) 256-6158

    Best Time to Reach Me:  Any time between 8:45-9:15  a.m, after school until 4:00, or ANY TIME via email (I can contact/reply quickly with our Zizzer email for immediate responses as instruction allows).
    Daily Class Schedule
    Attendance/Breakfast/Morning Practice
    8:35 - 10:05
    11:05- 12:00   
    Day 1 PE
    Day 2 Music & Art
    Day 3 Library & Computer
    Day 4 Art & Music
     *Please note that we are now on a 4 day rotation for Encore classes.  All children must wear or bring PE shoes for every Day 1 of the rotation.

    11:45 - 12:25
    ART (Days 1 & 4)
    PE (Days 2 & 5)
    MUSIC (3 & 6) 
    12:45-2:00  MATH

    Born:Springfield, Missouri  
    Undergraduate Study:  Southwest Baptist University, Elementary Education    
    Graduate Study:  MSU, Springfield, MO  Remedial Reading
    Year(s) @ West Plains Public Schools: 14
    I have been teaching for 25 years, with 21 in the regular classroom, instructing grades 1, 2, 3, 5, and 7.  I have also had the privilege of teaching K-6 Remedial Reading for two years before joining the West Plains R-7 School District in 2000.
     Teaching second grade has been a goal of mine for many years.  Each day with second graders brings much enthusiasm for learning as well as several opportunities of laughter.  I am always amazed by what our children can do! I currently use cooperative learning and whole brain teaching  strategies in my classroom to enhance student learning and achievement.  This school year will be the sixth year of using literacy centers with the Daily 5 approach to Reading instruction.  I have seen children's reading progress since using the IPICK class library system.  This allows my students to choose four books to read by themselves,with a buddy, or to me. Since its implementation in my classroom, the IPICK method has shown that when children choose their own books, they read more AND become better readers!
       This year, our afternoons are for learning Math using the McGraw-Hill MyMath program.   Additional practice for Math includes the use of Interactive Math Notebooks.   We play many learning games and participate in various partner or team activities throughout the year to develop number sense and math fluency.   Math homework will be assigned on a nightly basis at the conclusion of each lesson when they use the MyMath program.
      Co-curricular Activities
    PLC member, Grade 2
    RTI participating instructor, Grade 2
     Comm. Arts  Grade 2 Curriculum Developer

     Favorite Quotes
     "I teach. I touch the future." 
                -Christa McCaulliffe