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    Name: Mrs. Karol Brown, Physical Education Teacher
    Phone: (417) 256-6158    256-2836
    Best Time to Reach Me: before school or any time via email.
    West Plains Elementary/ South Fork Elementary
     Parent Information:  Your child has Physical Education class every four days.  South Fork students have P.E. every three days. The classroom teacher sends home a calendar with the P.E. days marked.  It is important that your child dresses appropriately on P.E. days to allow freedom of movement and full participation.  Proper dress includes: tennis shoes, pants, shorts, or skorts (no dresses or skirts unless shorts are worn underneath).  Tennis shoes should be laced to the top and tied snugly on the foot.  Shoes that are not allowed are: sandals, boots, dress shoes, or open toe or open back shoes.  Students who are not dressed properly will walk during their P.E. class time because of our concern for their safety and the safety of their classmates.
    Grading Policy:  It is very important that students participate in every physical education class in order to develop physical fitness and learn skills and rules. 
       -Students will receive 10 points each time they are present in class, dressed appropriately, and participating to the best of their ability. 
       -Students who are not wearing tennis shoes will receive only 5 points and walk during class because of our concern for their safety. 
       -If a student is absent from class they will receive 0 points. 
       -Students who are excused will walk.  If this is not possible because of injury, they will be given a written assignment. 
       -Students who do not follow directions or show effort will have points deducted. 
    Daily Class Schedule
    8:10-9:05  Grade 4
    9:10-10:05 Grade 3
    10:10-11:05   Grade 1
    11:05-12:00  Grade 2
    10-55-11:35  1st grade

    11:45-12:00  2nd grade

    12:00-1:20  Lunch,plan, and travel
    1:30-2:10  Fitness, Kindergarten, Grade 1
    2:15-2:55  2nd or 3rd grade
    3:05-3:45  4th,5th,6th grade

    Undergraduate Study:Towson State University, Baltimore, Maryland - Bachelor of Science in  Physical Education.
    Graduate Study:Western Maryland College, William Woods University: Masters Degree in  Administration.
    Year(s) @ West Plains Public Schools: 22 years
    15 years in Carroll County, Maryland
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