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    Desiree Beard
    Name:  Desiree Beard
    Title:    English Instructor
    Phone: (417) 256-6150, ext. 6021
    Best Time to Reach Me: before school, after school, during 4th hour, or any time via email
    Growing up in Arkansas, I have always held a deep love for the Ozark outdoors.  My family and I enjoy camping, traveling, four-wheeling, and basically anything we can do together!  My husband, Lyndell, and I have four amazing children and are thrilled to call West Plains home!  I am proud to teach at West Plains High School and love being a part of the Zizzer family. 
    I want you to know that my door is always open to
    anyone who needs me!  I absolutely love my job!!!
    Where else in the world can anyone have such a
    profound influence on the next generation?
    I began my study of
    English and German at the University of Central
    Arkansas after completing a year abroad in the
    beautiful Black Forest region of Germany. I then
    completed my German studies at the University of Regensburg
    in Germany before beginning my teaching career
    at Francis Howell School District outside of
    St. Louis, Missouri. In 1995, I  moved to the heart of
    the Ozarks to pioneer the German program at West
    Plains High School. During this time, I also became the first teacher in our area to facilitate Long Distance Learning. Meanwhile, I  completed my master's degree in Gifted, Talented,
    and Creative Education and now teach English IV and Online Foreign Language, as well as facilitate English 110, at WPHS, the home of the Zizzers! I am very excited to have been awarded mobile devices for the classroom, which will transfer our classroom to one of the most technologically advanced learning centers in our area!
    Daily Class Schedule
    English IV
    ACT Prep
    English IV
    English 110


    Planning Period


    Online Foreign Language
    7 Online Foreign Language
    Undergraduate Study:  English, German
    Graduate Study: Gifted, Talented, & Creative Education
    Years at West Plains Public Schools:  13
    Bilingual:  German
      Co-curricular Activities
    Sponsor of the World Culture Club!
     Favorite Quotes
    "Give me a fish, I'll eat for a day. 
     Teach me to fish, and I'll eat for a lifetime."
    "Happiness is not doing what doing what makes you happy. It is being happy at what you are doing.  It is a choice."
    "Life is 5% new and 95% maintenance."
    "You miss 100% of every shot you don't take."