• Students' Points to Ponder…..


    1. I am here to learn and teachers are here to teach.


    1. Learning should always come before all other classroom activities.


    1. I can be successful in this class if I apply myself.


    1. I am responsible for my own success.  No parent, teacher or friend can make me successful but they can make it easier for me to succeed.


    1. Videos are shown to enhance the educational process.  They are not a chance for me to engage in social activities, take a nap or to go to the restroom.


    1. Extra credit can really benefit me.  It reflects my effort and desire.


    1. Every decision I make influences my future. I choose my destiny. In ten years will I be happy with my choices?


    1. If I succeed I have earned the praise. If I fail, hopefully, I have learned a lesson.


    1. Showing common courteous and kindness can make my relationships with parents, teacher, and friends more enjoyable.


    1. It is my responsibility to conduct myself in a manner that allows all students to learn.
  • Cyndi Wright Picture
    Name Cyndi Wright
    Phone: (417) 256-6150
    Best Time to Reach Me:during sixth hour
    Daily Class Schedule
    earth science
    earth science
    physical science
    earth science
    physical science
    physical science
    advisory in sports complex

    Born:West Plains Mo

    Graduate of Fairview R-11

    Graduate of WPHS
    Undergraduate Study:MSU     
    Graduate Study:SBU
    Year(s) @ West Plains Public Schools:27
      Co-curricular Activities
    Food For Thought -- Food Bank

     Favorite Quotes
     It is better to try and fail than to fail to try.
    There are two ways to do things: Do it right or do it again.