• Missouri law requires all school volunteers to have criminal background checks that now include fingerprints before volunteering and interacting with students. The fingerprint records are submitted to the Missouri State Highway Patrol and the Federal Bureau of Investigation for a search of criminal history files. School board policy GBEBC.  

    To comply with this new legislation, the West Plains School District has reviewed and updated our volunteer application process. Because of the cost associated with fingerprinting as part of these new legal requirements, the District will not be able to pay for the background checks for school district volunteers. Currently, the fingerprint background check costs $40.50. That cost is not determined by the District and is subject to change without notice. All new District volunteers will be required to obtain the fingerprint background check. To provide additional clarification, the District defines a volunteer and visitor below:

    Volunteers:  Any individual who assists the district on an uncompensated basis and may be periodically unsupervised while with students. These individuals may volunteer to regularly assist in the school office or library, mentor or tutor students, assist with student activities before or after school, and chaperone students on day field trips or overnight field trips.  

    Visitors:  Individuals that do not provide a service to the school or students. These individuals may be on school grounds to interact with their child(ren) or attend activities such as classroom parties, lunch with students, and assemblies. Visitors do not require a background check.

    Volunteers are a vital part of the success of our students and our schools. Thank you to everyone who donates their time and talent to volunteer with the West Plains School District.  ­

    Ethical Responsibilities

    •  Keep all student information confidential.
    •  Always do what is in the best interest of each student.
    •  Wear appropriate attire.
    •  Share concerns with the school staff only.
    •  Understand that each student is unique and cannot be compared to another.
    •  Never be alone with or put a student in an uncomfortable situation.
    •  Learn from the different teaching methods used by the staff.
    •  Do not use school equipment for personal purposes.
    •  Show respect for all staff and students.
    •  Refrain from sharing personal religious or political beliefs.
    •  Do not smoke on school grounds.
    • Do not use illegal drugs or alcohol on school grounds, while volunteering, or volunteer while under the influence.

    Understand that weapons and drugs are not allowed on school grounds.


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