Professional Responsibilities & Administrative Experience

  • Successful Educational Experience: Served more than 15 years of successful administrative experience in the educational and private sectors, and has many years of teaching experience. Recently serving five years as the Principal of Nixa Junior High and one year as the sole Assistant Superintendent of Aurora Schools. 

Message to Parents & Community

  • Dear Members of the West Plains School District Learning Community,

    As the new superintendent of West Plains Schools, it is with great anticipation and excitement I welcome you back for an incredible school year at the West Plains School District!

    Over the past few months, many people have asked me about my vision for the district and my expectations. In all honesty, I have struggled to answer this question, because I thought it should be something profound, something new, something innovative. Everything we do should be student-focused and student-centered. That is my vision. I want our students to succeed in academics, athletics, and activities. I want them to have options. I want them to be prepared for college, for careers, and for armed services. I want our students to care for others, be empathic, and have a heart for service. I want our students to have an intrinsic motivation to give back to their community. How do you condense all this plus more into one vision statement?

    Yet, I do have strong beliefs on how we, as adults, can have the greatest impact on determining the future of our students. I believe in teacher collective efficacy with my whole heart. I believe in shared leadership and teacher collaboration. I believe teachers learn best from other teachers. I believe in teachers taking risks in the classroom. I believe in preparing our students for the future by incorporating technology into our lessons but never forgetting the human factor. I believe in building relationships with our students, coworkers, and community. I believe that tasks predict performance. If a teacher only uses worksheets and drills and lists of facts to remember, it will not equip a student to analyze demanding texts, build strong arguments from credible evidence, or attack serious math and science challenges effectively. And, I believe we must have a strategic plan that gives us the financial and instructional direction we need for the future.

    Finally, I believe in the Power of Yet. There is a difference between a student not knowing and the student not knowing yet. Instead of a student saying I can’t do this, we need to encourage I can’t do this yet. Instead of a child saying I’m not good at this, we need to remind the student he or she is not good at it yet. We as teachers need to constantly remind students to attack challenges with a positive attitude and develop a growth mindset.

    In closing, I will work hard to make sure our schools are a place where your child wants to come each and every day to challenge themselves and to achieve all they can as learners. Our teachers and support staff are excited about the work they do with your children to help them learn and grow. Our schools are lucky to have this talented staff as well as a strong community and supportive parents. Together, we care deeply about the success of our children – and our schools care deeply about the success of our community. I am proud to be your Superintendent of Schools and will work tirelessly to make sure this strong spirit continues to thrive in West Plains. We are all so very proud to be Zizzers! 


    Lori Wilson, Ed.D. 
    Superintendent of Schools


  • Dr. Lori Wilson
    Superintendent of Schools
    Phone: 417-256-6155 Ext. 4514
    E-mail: lori.wilson@zizzers.org
    Best Time to Reach Me:  
    9:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.
    Administration Assistant: Jodie McKinney


    • Master's Degree in Business Administration
    • Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership

Professional Memberships

    • West Plains Chamber of Commerce
    • Missouri Association of School Administrators
    • Missouri School Public Relations Association
    • Missouri Association of School Business Officials 
    • West Plains Noon Rotary Club