• Interscholastic Activities Code of Conduct

    West Plains School District Board of Education

    The mission statement for the West Plains School District is, “Maximizing educational opportunities while creating productive citizens.” As such, the West Plains School District desires to provide activities for students in a wholesome, healthy, drug-free environment. Participation in interscholastic activities provides students with opportunities that cannot be duplicated in the classroom experience. Educational research has demonstrated repeatedly that a high correlation exists between participation in activities and academic achievement. Interscholastic programs seek to develop leadership abilities and academic achievement. Interscholastic programs seek to develop leadership abilities as well as the mental, physical, social, emotional, and moral well-being of student participants. An excellent interscholastic activities program promotes school spirit and loyalty in addition to preparing youth to make a positive contribution to their society.

    Students must understand to represent their school and fellow students, as a participant in the activities program is a privilege, not an inherent right. Being a part of an activity places additional responsibilities upon students. Student participants are ambassadors for their school and community. They are in the public eye and thus, their personal conduct must always be above reproach. They have an obligation to create a favorable image and gain the respect of fellow students, teammates, and members of the West Plains community.

    Interscholastic activities are those that provide for competition between schools and are governed by the Missouri State High School Activities Association. Currently, students who participate in athletics, dance, cheerleading, pompon, speech and debate, vocal music, and instrumental music at any level of competition are subject to the provisions of the Code of Conduct.

    Program sponsors and coaches are expected to be of high character, modeling positive attitudes and characteristics to their students. Winning should always be stressed but never at the expense of lowering any moral or legal standard as outlined by the West Plains School District Board of Education, the Missouri State High School Activities Association, or the rules of the game.

    Although participation in interscholastic activities is viewed to be of great value for the total development of the student, participation must necessarily be of secondary importance to the student’s academic development. The successful completion of the regular program of studies leading to graduation from high school must be primary.

    This policy is in effect 365 days per year.