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    (Updated June 23, 2021)

    In order to better inform parents, students, and staff of the current situation of the district and how best to prepare for situations, the district will use three levels so that everyone can plan and prepare for what to expect.  Please note that the district could move quickly to Level 3 with little to no notice depending on the situation.

    The district will update its Safe Return To In-Person Instruction and Continuity of Services Plan (SRCSP) as needed throughout the year.  Check back for the most current update.


    Current Situational Level:  Level 1 (Green Level)


    The district will consistently review the following in determining the current situational level of the district.

    1. Current community infection rates.
    2. Current community vaccination rates.
    3. Current student and staff vaccination rates.
    4. Guidance from the CDC, DESE, Missouri Department of Health, as well as other appropriate agencies.

    Level 1:  (Green Level)

    • School activities will be as normal as possible.
    • Social distancing will be used when possible.
    • Masks are optional in all situations for students and staff.  The district may require visitors to use masks.
    • Visitors to buildings may be restricted or limited.
    • Hand washing/hand sanitizer will be available and frequently encouraged.

     Level 2:  (Yellow Level)

    • Classes will either take place in person, not at all, or online if allowed by the state.
    • Restrictions on school activities may be in place
    • Capacity and attendance limits may be established for events or school activities
    • Masks required for students and staff in all buildings for all students (kindergarten-12th grade) and any adults at all school activities on or off campus  (district procedures developed from CDC and health department).
    • No visitors in buildings (includes parents).
    • Hand washing/hand sanitizer will be available and frequently encouraged.

    Level 3:  (Red Level) 

    • Classes will not be in session in person.  Online learning will take place if allowed by the state.
    • School buildings will be closed to students.  Staff will still work from school to administer online classes.  If any situation changes in the “Red Level” where it is not safe for staff to work from school, this will be adjusted to allow staff to work remotely.
    • Health screenings will occur prior to entering buildings.  Social distancing will be mandatory.
    • All activities will be canceled or rescheduled.
    • Re-entry plan will be determined for safe return to school.


  • Additional Fall 2021 Plan Details

  • Arrival/Dismissal

  • Classrooms

  • Transportation

  • Breakfast and Lunch

  • Cleaning/Hygiene

  • Health Services (Nurse's Office)

  • PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)

  • Volunteers

  • Visitors

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