• Professional Responsibilities

    and Experience

  • Dr. Greg Carter currently serves as the Coordinator of Elementary Teaching and Learning at West Plains School district in West Plains, MO. This is his fourteenth year in education and in that time he has served in many capacities for the district. In his tenure, Dr. Carter has taught every grade level K-12, including core classes, and elective classes. He is passionate about student learning and believes that good teaching can change the life of every student. 

    Carter has received academic degrees from Missouri State University, William Woods University, University of Missouri, and a doctorate from Saint Louis University. He currently resides in West Plains and loves being with family and friends. 

  • Professional Organizations 


    • Show-Me Curriculum Administrators  Association 
    • Southwest Missouri Curriculum Directors Association
    • Missouri Association of School Administrators 
    • Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development
    • Mizzou Alumni Association 
    • Rotary of West Plains 


  • “From the moment students arrived, the teachers worked to shape their perception of what it meant to make a mistake, pushing them to think of “wrong” as a first, positive, and often critical step toward getting it”
    ― Doug Lemov

Dr. Greg Carter