• West Plains School District Spring Semester Edmentum Enrollment Information (6th-12th Grade Only)

    The West Plains School District plans for all grades to return to school in regular seated classes on January 4, 2021 (pending additional guidance, COVID cases in the area, etc.). For parents and students who wish to continue in Edmentum, the district online option, and those who would like to enroll for the 2nd semester, enrollment is now available for grades 6–12.

    To enroll in Edmentum,  please CLICK HERE to complete the form for each child interested in online classes. Enrollment is open through December 11, 2020. The district will not accept online enrollment after the registration date closes. Additional detailed information regarding Edmentum will be released after the enrollment process has been completed.  Current Edmentum students wishing to return to traditional seated classes in January should contact Sammi Radosevich at 256-6150 or sammi.radosevich@zizzers.org - do not complete the form. **** PLEASE NOTE - THE FORM DOES NOT NEED TO BE COMPLETED FOR STUDENTS RETURNING TO TRADITIONAL SEATED CLASSES ON JANUARY 4, 2021. 

    Thank you for your continued support. For additional questions or concerns, please call the high school at 256-6150 or the middle school at 256-7152.