Every Monday Matters believes personal and societal change happens both from the inside-out and the outside-in. People who feel better about themselves do more good for others and their community. People who do more good for others and their community feel better about themselves. In other words, self and social transformation are connected.

    More than anything, people want to know that their life matters. That they are connected to others and are loved, seen, heard, and valued. That they are living a life of meaning and significance. Knowing we matter changes everything—for people and for the world. When we connect to how much and why we matter, we feel more deeply, we think bigger, and we contribute differently. EMM’s mission is to create programs, messaging, and experiences to drive positive change, both internally and externally.

    The West Plains School District feels it is important to help develop the whole person.   With this in mind, we started incorporating the Every Monday Matters' curriculum.   " Every Monday Matters® is a not-for-profit committed to inspiring a new normal, where individuals and organizations understand how much and why they  matter to themselves, the community around them, and the world." source: http://everymondaymatters.org