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    The West Plains School District offers several online courses taught by District teachers. In addition, the West Plains School District partners with the Launch and Edmentum programs. Both programs have a large variety of rigorous online courses available.


    Missouri Course Access and Virtual School Program (MOCAP) was established in 2007 as the state’s online school. It was previously known as Missouri Virtual Instruction Program (MOVIP).  Currently, MOCAP offers courses for 9th through 12th grade and plans to expand to grades K-12. Students can take courses from any Internet-connected computer, available 24-hours a day, seven days a week. MOCAP's mission is to offer Missouri students equal access to a wide range of high quality courses, and interactive online learning that is neither time nor place dependent.

    Online course registration follows the same timelines and procedures used in each district school to place students in regular classes. Below you will find a link to the district’s school board policy regarding online courses (IGCD) and a link to the DESE (Department of Elementary and Secondary Education) MOCAP page. If you would like additional information about online courses please contact your building’s counselor or principal.

    Visit the board policy https://mocap.mo.gov/