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Alternative Lunch Initiative

  • Guidelines for Eating Outside the Cafeteria:

    • Avoid being a disturbance to others and disrepectful behavior.
    • In order to keep this program going, we must keep track of students who are going outside of the cafeteria. As a way to resolve this issue, we have created a spreadsheet, which is shared with administration, to keep track of the number of students eating lunch outside the cafeteria as well as the person that is outside of the cafeteria.
      • Be sure the teacher gets your student ID number.
    • If students are eating inside the classroom, make sure that they are aware they must clean up after themselves if they want this to continue. We do not want to create unnecessary work for the janitors!
    • Doors are going to be kept open in order to avoid legal reprecussions. 


    Where to Go?

    • The following rooms are avaliable for this program:
      • Lunch A:
        • Mrs. Pitts -- Room 101
        • This room is the art room located by the counselor's stairwell
      • Lunch B:
        • Mrs. Mitchell -- Room 201
        • This is an english classroom located near the counseling office in the upper stairwell by the office
      • Lunch C:
        • Mr. Fleming -- Room 132
        • Located in former science hall, now foreign language hall. It is also the hall that is connected to the math stairwell. 



Alternative Lunch Initiative