• West Plains School District Educator of the Year Eligibility 

    • The nominated teacher must have five years of teaching experience.
    • The nominated teacher must have two years of teaching experience in the West Plains School District.
    • Must be a full-time, fully certified teacher, school librarian, guidance counselor, or instructional coach (principals and other administrators are ineligible)
    • Candidates should be an exceptionally dedicated, knowledgeable, and skilled teacher who plans to continue an active teaching status.
    • Candidates should have the respect and admiration of students, parents, and colleagues, inspiring students of all backgrounds and abilities.
    • Candidates should be poised and articulate, having the energy to withstand a busy schedule.
    • Candidates should play active roles in their communities, providing service and leadership in civic, religious, or humanitarian activities

    Awards and Activities

        District level:

    • A personal award of $500 in Chamber Bucks from the West Plains Education Foundation.
    • Recognition at the annual Employee Recognition Program.
    • Personalized Plaque

    Each year, the district educator of the year will be entered into DESE’s Regional Teacher of the year process.


    • Recognition and award by the Missouri School Public Relations Association.
    • Recognition and award provided by The Boeing Company.
    • Banquet hosted by the Missouri State Board of Education
    • Ceremonies with the governor and legislators.