What is Parents as Teachers?

    Parents as Teachers (PAT) is a nationwide program designed to provide children from prenatal to age 5 (PK) the best possible start in life.

    Mission:  To provide the information, support and encouragement parents need to help their children develop optimally during the crucial early years of life.

    PAT offers Personal Visits, Group connections, and Free Screenings.  To Participate in West Plains R-VII Parents as Teachers you must reside in the West Plains R-VII School District.

    About the Program

    Parents as Teachers (PAT) was formed in 1981 with a vision that still holds true today—all children will learn, grow, and develop to reach their full potential, and parents and caregivers are their earliest and BEST teachers.

    Did you know…

    Parents as Teachers children score higher on kindergarten readiness tests.

    What does parents as teachers provide for your family?

    Parents as Teachers is a voluntary and free program that provides practical, effective help for all Missouri families with children prenatal to kindergarten entry.

    It offers:

    • Personal Visits – A certified Parent Educator helps you understand each stage of your child’s development and offers practical tips on ways to encourage learning.
    • Group Connections - PAT group connections provide times for parents to get together, to gain new insights and to share experiences, common concerns, and successes.
    • Screenings - PAT offers a periodic screening of overall development, language, hearing, and vision.
    • Referral Network - PAT helps families link with special services or outside agencies if needed.

    Research has shown that children whose parents were involved in PAT:

    • Were significantly advanced over their peers in language, social development, problem-solving, and intellectual abilities.
    • Scored significantly higher on standardized measures of reading and math achievement than did comparison children.


    Join Today

    Parents as Teachers is a free and fun program, designed to give parents an understanding of how young children grow and learn during the most important first years of life, where more is learned than any other time. ... Parents as Teachers can assist parents in being the best first teachers for their children.

    If you are expecting or have a child under the age of 5, this is an exciting program for your family. Parents as Teachers is a free and fun program, designed to give parents an understanding of how young children grow and learn during the most important first years of life, where more is learned than any other time. Along with the developmental information you receive, there are also activity ideas and developmental screenings. Storytimes and other group meetings are also held throughout the year.

    Parents as Teachers Flyer


    Amy Ross  - 417-255-8676 - amy.ross@zizzers.org

    or the PAT facilitator, Becky Richardson, at becky.richardson@zizzers.org.