• Xtra Math

      This is a self paced math practice site. The teacher may select the skill level for the student. Grades all work and gives teachers feedback and reports on students progress.

    • Ten Marks

      This is math practice site similar to Study Island. This allows students to view video tutorials for help on each question. It also forces students to review the explanation on a question if they miss it. Gives teachers feedback on how the student did, if they watched videos, and if they used hints.

    • Wizer

      This is an interactive worksheet site. You can create your own or use one of many by content area. This allows you to get feedback and see how students do on a variety of types of questions. This takes the place of your paper pencil worksheets.

    • Prodigy

      This is an interactive Math Site that teachers can create assignments by skill. Students can challenge each other or the computer.

    • Tinkercad

      This is a 3D design tool that allows students to design 3D works of art. Does require students to register with email.

    • Build with Chrome

      For use on chrome browser and devices. This brings the world of legos to the digital screen and allows you to build to your heart's desire.

    • Typorama

      This is an apple and android app that allows you to add text to an image.

    • Pear Deck

      This allows you to input presentations and add real time quizzes to assess student knowledge

    • Biodigital Human

      This allows you to view 3D images for the human body. Search by systems and it will allow you to move around and peel back layers to show what's inside and out.

    • Slides Carnival

      Great way to get free templates for Google Slides Presentations. Presentation tool.

    • Google Trends Visualizer

      Picks up the most searched topics at the time to see what is trending. Great for current events. Be careful, it doesn't not filter data. You can select by country to change the trends.

    • Bee Line Reader

      This is a reading tool for students to use to help transition from row to row. Great for students with dyslexia, ADD, and vision difficulties. It colors lines so it is easier to see where you go at the end of one line to the next.

    • Drop It To Me

      This is a great drop tool box to allow parents, students, and others to send photos and videos to you. This is great for class projects, yearbook, senior photos, and much more.

    • Socrative

      Assessment tool that allows you to test students knowledge with instant feedback.

    • Haiku Deck

      Presentation Software. Some good features for free. Have to pay to upgrade to extra features.

    • Piktochart

      This is a great graphic design tool. You can use pre-made templates for Posters, Flyers, and many other needs or start from scratch.

    • Tiny URL

      This allows you to take any URL link and make it a small easy to enter URL.

    • Poll everywhere

      This allows an instant feedback poll of students in your class. They can use any device to do this. You create the poll and it gives you a link for students to go answer questions. You can put the link in tiny url to create an easier url for students.

    • Zip Grade

      This is a free scan tron app that allows you to scan up to 100 items a month with phone or iPad.

    • Thrively

      This is a great way for students to discover their interests and talents. You complete a survey and it looks for events in your area or state that relate to the students strengths and interests. It may be camps, training, or things like art shows or theater events.

    • Thing Link

      This allows you to make your images come to life. You can embed other images, videos, or text in pictures.

    • Quizizz

      This is similar to Kahoot. Uses a lot of the same features.

    • Kahoot It!

      This allows you to create an interactive game to test students knowledge. It shows a leader board between questions. The faster the student answers the question right, the more points they receive. It allows you to control the time and how fast you move through the questions. It gives the students a code to visit Kahootit.com and enter code.

    • Answer Garden

      This is a word cloud option to poll students on a topic or brainstorm ideas. As students submit the same response, the word grows on the screen. Do not use spaces in answers and keep answers short.

    • Go Formative

      This is a quick tool to assess students knowledge and provide instant feedback.

    • Elements 4D

      Allows you to access lesson plans and print outs to use with Periodic Table of Elements. When paired with an iPad, it makes the elements come to life in 4D.

    • Quiver

      Allows you to print worksheets for students to color and use with iPad app to make 3D images.

      An app for the iphone or ipad that allows you to create a video/graphic/interactive presentation. You can add background videos, whiteboards, and other items. Free app. Does work with the green screen.
      This allows you to create and share visual ideas. There are many templates to work with or you can start from scratch.
      Coggle It 
      This is a graphic organizer type tool. Great for students or even for PLC groups to work together and design a plan.
      This is a site where you can utilize a vast pool of interactive assignments that have been created or create your own to share. You can adapt them to fit your needs. 
       Drive Slides
       This was created to allow you to use a folder of images in your Google Drive account to create a Google Slides presentation.