• District Trademark and Copyright Information

    The West Plains School District logos are officially copyrighted and trademarked to ensure the quality and the correct usage of the district logos.   Contracts have been put in place to help streamline the process.

    The district has two different types of trademarking contracts in place.  Please read below for the correct contract.

    Royalties Contract
    The royalties contract is an agreement which includes royalties to the district if the subject company plans to sell product using the Zizzer logos or the word "Zizzer" to the general public.  (Please note:  Royalties are not necessary if the vendor was approached by a district group or club seeking printing services.)  Click here for this contract


    Non Royalties Contract

    This agreement states the subject company agrees to use the copyrighted and trademarked logos only (Product will not be sold to the general public).  Royalties do not apply in this contract if the subject company was approached by a district group or club seeking printing services. Click here for this contract


    Current Approved Vendors
    Results Advertising Inc.
    Laura Melvin – Individual
    BSN Sports
    Cochran Sales
    Howell County Outpost
    Houndstooth & Polka Dots
    Screenshots Printing & Design
    Monty’s Outdoor/C&K Clothing
    LRG Prep
    Cotton Gallery
    Jamie Dixon - Individual
    PB Tees
    Twin Ponds Silk Screening

    KLK Holdings, Inc. 
    Aves Sportswear LTD
    Freight America LLC

    Imperial Graphics
    Cleea's At Home Market

    Red Calf Promotions, LLC
    Nathan Coffey - Zizzer Cell Phone Cases
    Ink Monkey Printing LLC
    FCF Signs & Designs, LLC

    Sign Factory, LLC
    Creative Cakes 2
    Studio 160

    RLM Creations

    White River Designs

    Finish Line, LLC