• Welcome to Ms. Decker's Class.  My school email is Sheila.decker@zizzers.org and school phone number is 417-256-6150.

    I am Certified to teach grades 5-12 Science and 5-12 Social Studies. I am located at the High School and I teach all the Direct Instruction Science Classes for 9-12 as well as Co-Teach Physical Science and Biology.


    Check out the links tab for more information over any topic of science. Contact me at any time for additional information at the email listed above.


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    Sheila Decker


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    Name: Sheila Decker
    Resource Science 9-12 
    Phone: (417) 256-6150
    E-mail: sheila.decker@zizzers.org 
    Best Time to Reach Me: before school (I arrive at or before 7:45am every day). My conference hour,(1:015 pm - 2:05 pm), and any time after 3:45, or any time via email at sheila.decker@zizzers.org
    I have been in education for 22 Years, 16 of those years here in Missouri. I have also taught 4 years Alaska, and 2 years in Colorado. I have had the pleasure of teaching everything from Preschool to College.  
    This year I would like all students to bring color pencils, highlighters (one or two is fine any color), one sharpie ( black or blue), plenty of paper, loose leaf or one notebook to be left in their binders for my class. All students have 1 inch binders in my room that they are required to keep their Daily Questions along with active assignments and notes. We keep classroom books in my room but students are allowed to take them if needed at anytime. If you have any questions or need a separate book to stay at home during the school year feel free to contact me at any time.

    A kaleidoscope of color reveals a map of pathways inside the brain of a young healthy adult.

    Different parts of the brain communicate with each other through nerve fibers - which are color-coded here.

    Using a type of magnetic resonance imaging - or MRI - the image was created from mapping virtual slices of the brain, from top to bottom, tracking the direction and movement of water molecules. A kaleidoscope of colour reveals a map of pathways inside the brain of a young healthy adult.

    Born: In Key West, Florida
    Undergraduate Study: Missouri State University BS in ED
    Graduate Study: Southwest Missouri State University MS in ED
    Year(s) @ West Plains Public Schools: Starting my 11 years. I taught at West Plains from Fall 2000 to Spring 2007, when I moved to Alaska from 2007 to 2011 and Colorado from 2011 to spring 2013. I  returned to teaching at West Plains Fall of 2013.
     I attended Willow Springs from 3rd grade to graduation and began college at MU West Plains, then moved on to Springfield for my BS. I also enjoyed taking classes at SBU for my Masters and even beyond at Alaska Pacific University. I taught part time for Central Texas College extension center on Fort Richardson, Alaska.
    I come from a military family, My father is retired Navy, My brother served both in the Army and the Air Force and was deployed to the Middle East. I served as a Military Spouse for 11 years and many deployments.  I am happy to be back home at West Plains. I have one daughter who will be starting High School this year.
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     “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” 
    ― Eleanor RooseveltThis is My Story

    If you ever study about Eleanor Roosevelt you would find that she overcame many struggles in her life and was always fighting for the underdog. She was an amazing women that should inspire us all to be better people.