The West Plains School District recognizes there are times when medical concerns make it impossible for students to attend school. The Board of Education authorizes the use of homebound instruction when appropriate. For students to be considered for homebound instruction, the student must have health concerns that would require a school absence of at least ten school days, or have a medical condition such that periodic lengthy absences are necessary due to treatment.  To arrange homebound instruction, parents should:

    1. Contact the Special Services Director, the superintendent’s designee for coordination of homebound instruction to arrange for a meeting regarding possible homebound instruction.
    2. Complete an application for homebound instruction that includes the doctor’s diagnosis and duration of the homebound instruction. The district may also request a treatment plan for re-entry from the student’s doctor.
    3. The amount and type of instruction or supportive service provided through the homebound program shall be determined in relation to each child's educational needs, and his or her ability to receive such services. Homebound services are meant to be temporary and the student should return to school as soon as possible. 
    4. If services are provided for the student and those services are not utilized, the district may terminate those services. Homebound education services will not be arranged for times outside of the academic calendar school year (i.e. no summer school services will be provided). 
    5. All students receiving homebound instruction are subject to the state’s compulsory attendance laws and all district policies and regulations during the duration of homebound instruction. 
    6. Students may not participate in or attend on-campus school activities while on homebound status.
    7. Homebound students may not work at outside employment while receiving homebound services.

    This policy does not apply to homebound instruction for students with disabilities, as determined by an IEP or 504 Plan.