• 2019-2020 Resource List


    Homeless Housing Assistance


    West Plains R-VII School District

    Migrant: Programs for migrant students, as required by law, are implemented by the West Plains R-7 School District by identifying migrant students and assessing the educational, health, and social needs of each identified student through utilizing information obtained through the family interview form. If a migrant student is identified by the district, the superintendent or designee will notify the State Director and request assistance if needed.


     The district provides the following:

    • A full range of services to migrant students including but not limited to Title I programs, special education, gifted education, vocational education, language programs, counseling programs, elective classes, etc.
    • Provide migratory children with the opportunity to meet the same statewide assessment standards that all children are expected to meet.
    • To the extent feasible, provide advocacy and outreach programs to migratory students and their families and professional development for district staff.
    • Provide parents an opportunity for meaningful participation in the programs.

     Homeless: A student is considered homeless if he/she lacks a fixed, regular and adequate nighttime residence.

      If it is determined that a student is homeless our district is obligated to:

    1.                  Place the student in the school of best interest.

    2.                  Allow the student to enroll without regard to residence.

    3.                  Assign a staff member to meet the homeless student’s needs.

    4.                  Have a policy to remove barriers to homeless student’s education.


    Additionally, MSIP requirements indicate that school personnel must be notified that the district does have a Homeless Liaison and be informed of the duties of this position. Amy Ross Ed.D., Director of Special Services, has been board approved as the West Plains R-7 School District’s Homeless and Migrant Liaison.