• School Medication Policy


    Student’s medications should be given at home if at all possible. This decreases the chance of errors such as missed or forgotten doses. Medication will only be given during school hours by complying with these guidelines.


    1. Medication consent form must be completed and signed.
    2. Prescription medications must be in the original bottle for use. Medications given on a regular basis (inhalers, Ritalin…etc.) must have the newest refill and send no more than a months supply at a time. Medication will only be given during school time if prescription states: at noon, every four hours or every six hours. Three times a day medication will not be given during school hours.
    3. Over-the-counter medication (other than those listed on the Medication Consent Form) must come in the original container and a medication consent form signed by parent or guardian turned into the school nurse. 
    4. All medications must be turned in at the School Nurse’s Office along with a dated note giving permission for the nurse to administer the medication. Medications are not to be sent on the bus. Incidents regarding the transportation of controlled substances on the bus will be referred to law enforcement official.
    5. Medication bottles will be sent home when medication course is completed or expires.


    *      Please send cough drops for your child to keep in the teacher’s classroom.


    Questions concerning this policy may be directed to your students School Nurse.


    For medications to be given you must follow the protocol outlined herein and in the handbook*



    Sara Edelen, RN

    Lead Nurse / Middle School Nurse

    417-256-6150 ext. 4209



    Amy Green, RN

    Elementary School Nurse

    417-256-6150 ext. 4115



    Jennifer Tidwell, RN

    Elementary School Nurse

    417-256-6150 ext 4115



    Leslie Murray, LPN

    High School Nurse

    417-256-6150 ext. 4317



    Kati McKee, LPN

    South Fork Elementary