Winter months are often associated with colds, respiratory infections, strep throat and flu. To help protect your family from the threats of illness, preventive health measures are recommended.  Some of these include:

                .  A balanced daily diet with six to eight glasses of water or other fluid.

                .  Eight to ten hours of rest and sleep on a regular schedule.

                .  Use of tissues to cover the mouth and nose during coughs and sneezes.

                   Remember to dispose of used tissues properly.

                .  Avoiding common use of eating and drinking utensils, toilet articles and towels.

                .  Encourage thorough hand washing before eating and after use of toilet.




    School Attendance


    School attendance is not recommended when a child is ill.  Students should stay at home


                .  The child has fever.  He/she should be free of fever 24 hours without

                   medication to reduce fever before returning to school.  A temperature

                   that is normal in the morning will often be elevated by noon. Please do not send your child if they have a fever in the morning even if a fever reducer has been given (100

                   degrees or higher).

                .  The child is vomiting or has continuous diarrhea. A physician should

                   be contacted if vomiting and diarrhea persists longer than 24 hours or

                   becomes severe. A child should be free from vomiting or diarrhea for 24 hours before

                   returning to school.

    .  The child has a persistent cough.

                .  The child develops a generalized skin rash (all over the body).


    A sore throat that is accompanied by fever and enlarged nodules in the neck can be serious.  Strep throat is always a concern and should be diagnosed and treated by a physician. Untreated strep infections can produce serious complications. Children may return to school 24 hours after antibiotic treatment is started and the child is fever free. You must take All of the antibiotic prescribed. These are the MO Dept. of Health guidelines for strep and will be followed by West Plains R-7 Public Schools Health Services Staff.


    Please contact the child’s school when he/she is too ill to attend and inform them about the symptoms or type of disease the child is experiencing. The child may return to school when serious symptoms disappear and he/she has been instructed by the physician to do so. Medications will be given per school policy. 


    If you have any questions, please contact your School Nurse.


    Sara Edelen, RN

    Lead Nurse / Middle School Nurse

    417-256-6150 ext. 4209



    Amy Green, RN

    Elementary School Nurse

    417-256-6150 ext. 4115



    Jennifer Tidwell, RN

    Elementary School Nurse

    417-256-6150 ext 4115



    Leslie Murray, LPN

    High School Nurse

    417-256-6150 ext. 4317



    Kati McKee, LPN

    South Fork Elementary