• South Central Career Center Student Expectations
    Attendance: Present in class                                                                                       Grading Scale
                      On time to class                                                                                          A   93-100
                      Comes to class prepared to work                                                                   B    82-92
                      Dressed appropriately for class/lab/clinical setting                                              C   70-81
    Team:         Contributes positively as a team member                                                         D   60-69
                      Participates within group setting                                                                    F   Below 60
                      Expresses ideas and opinions in a sensitive way                                                
    Resposibility: Follows directions
                      Completes work by deadline
                      Frequently comments and asks questions
                      Uses available resources to answer questions
    Respect:      Uses appropriate language in all communications
                      Honest and truthful
                      Accepts constructive criticism
                      Shows respect for others
    Safety:         Maintains a clean and safe environment
                      Follows safety rules and procedures
    Quality:        Works diligently on assigned tasks
                      Produces quality work
                      Show determination to complete assigned tasks