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      Welcome to Early Childhood Special Education!

Early Childhood Special Services works with children ages 3-5 in the following school districts: R-7 (West Plains), Richards, Fairview, Junction Hill, Glenwood, & Howell Valley.

Children with significant delays in the following areas are eligible for our services:

  • cognitive
  • adaptive
  • speech/language
  • gross motor/fine motor
  • social/emotional/behavioral

This program is free to eligible children.

To access our services, call R-7's Early Childhood Special Education Process Coordinator, Nancy Brown, at 256-6155 ext. 4513, to make a parent referral. This will initiate the evaluation process. If the child meets state guidelines for eligibility, appropriate services will be provided as the diagnostic team recommends. For further information contact: Nancy Brown at Early Childhood Special Services, 305 Valley View Drive--256-6155, ext. 4513.